Make A Safe and Easy Deposit in Online Pokies

Make A Safe and Easy Deposit in Online Pokies

Online slots players can send their funds into their gaming accounts with a big variety of swift and secure banking options, among which there are traditional plastic cards, electronic services, and wire transferring.

Online Pokies Deposit Options

Credit and Debit Cards

One of the quickest and most reliable deposit methods, plastic cards are a great option regardless of their specific type. Whether you prefer using Visa, MasterCard or Amex, rest assured that your funds will be transferred safe and sound, allowing you to continue playing and winning in online pokies.

Prepaid Products

In case you prefer not using your actual plastic card, there’s a witty solution to that. By using prepaid services, you won’t need to input your banking information, thus eliminating the possibility of theft or data leakage. In short, this type of payment is essentially a virtual (Entropay) or physical (PaySafeCard) card that works exactly as a usual one, but without requiring the user to mention his actual finance data. Just enter the number or PIN-code of your product – it’s as simple as that!

Quick Payment via E-Wallets

Being another option loved by thousands, they guarantee a high level of security for your funds and a convenient process of transferring them. Firstly, you need to deposit the desired amount into your account by means of your preferred method. The company assures the privacy of this transaction. After that, you can use your e-wallet to make quick payments without mentioning your finance information on the website, service or application.


The leading global provider of digital payments and money transfer, PayPal is surely one of the easiest methods of finance transactions nowadays. Sadly, it’s not allowed in Australia to deposit funds into most of casino accounts, but there’re several staking houses that accept it. Let’s hope to see that fixed in the nearest future, so  we can all benefit from its convenience!

Deposit Methods in Online Pokies


With this banking platform, you can pick the way of payment that you like most. The company offers many convenient and secure options for your transactions, among which there are web, mobile, and even phone or mail operations. Moreover, you can just visit a Citadel branch near you and make the deposit in person.


This method is fairly common in modern online casinos. The Click2Pay service allows you to bind a plastic card or bank account to it, serving as a safe intermediary between your primary finance information and the receiver of funds.


POLi is Australia’s leading real-time banking card payment method. An indisputable advantage is an amazing speed – fund transfers usually don’t take more than a couple of seconds. The only issue with this platform is that it cannot serve as a way of withdrawal.

Bank Transferring Services

Although this option is not very popular among online pokies players, you still have the possibility to choose it. Depending on its type you might be asked to send the money directly to the staking house by means of wire or an e-check. Another way is to send your funds to a specific account stated by your gambling platform, which may sometimes be significantly cheaper in terms of fees.

The main advantage of such services is that they give you the opportunity to manage significant sums of cash. While the allowed maximum of other deposit pathways may be enough for the majority of gamblers, highrollers sometimes prefer using bank transfers. Another great thing is that it’s done directly through and by your bank, avoiding the cashier instance of your betting rooms.

Perhaps, the only significant issue with these services is their speed. Transactions may take up to several days to be fulfilled, and that’s something important to be considered when choosing a method of sending your finances.