Parameters that Influence Your Payment in Online Pokies

Parameters that Influence Your Payment in Online Pokies

The withdrawal of money you’ve managed to win usually depends on three major conditions: a payout amount, a cashout time of the chosen banking option and the peculiarities of your casino.

Amount of Withdrawing

Usually, staking houses have a certain maximum amount allowed for withdrawal at once. Nevertheless, this rule is not applicable to jackpots in most of the reputable casinos. If you’re lucky enough to grab a solid prize in online pokies, you won’t have to wait long before receiving it and start enjoying life!

Look for Best Paying Casinos

Nobody likes to wait, and gambling is not an exception: when choosing a platform to enjoy, you’d like to pick one that’s high paying and allowing immediate withdrawals. That usually correlates with the reliability of the staking house, so it’s not just about speed and convenience. Find the best and start earning!

Online Pokies Withdrawals

Waiting Time by Methods

The time needed to receive your funds depends on not only the casino but on the withdrawal method of your choice. For example, credit cards are considered to be one of the most reliable ways of cashout, but alternative options (PayPal, Paysafecard, Citadel) are often much quicker. Also, keep in mind that not all forms of payout allow you to operate with large sums of money – but cheques and bank wires do.

The Fastest E-Wallets

In general, an e-wallet is a platform that binds a virtual cabinet to your bank account or plastic card and allows making transactions without having to mention your financial information twice. The most famous examples of such services are PayPal and Click2Pay. They’re all lightning-fast, usually taking just 24-48 hours to finish an operation. Withdraw your funds using an e-wallet and continue winning in no time!

Payouts in Pokies Online

Banking Cards and Prepaid Cards

Whether you use plastic cards like Visa and MasterCard or prefer prepaid products like a PaySafeCard, they’re all available for using as a withdrawal method. The usual time of waiting is between 24 and 48 hours.

Wire Transfers

The benefits of this withdrawal method include a great level of security, the high reliability and the possibility to operate with large sums of money. While this surely is great, the downsides are also significant: the fees are high, and several business days may be needed to finish your operation. The majority of players usually pick other payout ways, but in case you’re a professional – consider wire transfer, as it’s one of the few ways of cashing out significant funds!

Checks Services

A great thing about such services is that they’re often either free or with little additional fees included. But you’ll have to wait from 1 to 3 weeks because the staking house will send you the check by mail. If you plan on being back in action as soon as you can, perhaps you should pick something swifter than that.