Useful Bonuses in Online Pokies Games

Useful Bonuses in Online Pokies Games

A lot of online pokies have exciting features that increase the player’s chance to win. For example, there may be numerous wilds, scatters and multipliers, extra prize games and free spins. Let’s analyze these bonuses and see how you can benefit from them.

Main Game Peculiarities

Bonus features in online pokies depend on the specific game you’re playing, as different developers and casinos tend to add unique traits into the gambling process. In any case, the most usual are main and free spins, as well as extra rounds. Generally, you’ll gain a certain feature in slots after gathering a special sequence or hitting a certain sign on the reels.

Bonuses in Pokies Online

Wild Symbols

This one’s a classic familiar to all fans of pokies. Wilds are special signs that can form combinations with any other token on the slot machine, making it much easier to win. And if you manage to hit a whole group of symbols – the amount of your prizes can literally skyrocket!

Stacked Wilds

These particular wilds tend to appear side by side on the reels, forming packs of different sizes (two, three or even larger) and sometimes resulting in huge wins for the player.

Sticky and Shifting

Sticky wilds are called that way because they remain in their initial places during your next spin (or even several ones) while shifting ones may randomly change their positions from one round to another. Thanks to that, if you’ve missed a winning sequence, next time you’ll have another chance for success!

Expanding Wilds

Starting as single symbols, expanding wilds can grow and multiply, sometimes covering an entire reel. In certain cases, this may bring you a chain of winning combinations in a single round.

Bonus Features in Online Pokies

Scatter Signs

The total count of scattered symbols is what determines the amount of money you’ll win, as these signs form combos regardless of their position on the reels.


Multiplier symbols are just what they imply: they multiply your winning. Thanks to that you’ll have the chance to receive a double or triple prize (or even greater than that!) in comparison with the normal one if your combination will have at least one of these signs.

Free Spins

Another public’s favorite, this feature does not require you to bet additionally to keep the reels rolling. Usually,

to trigger free spins, it’s necessary to hit a certain combination of symbols. And another great thing is that you’ll be able to re-trigger the bonus if you manage to gather a specific sequence again. When you have a lucky streak, this can be your chance to win massive prizes, as extra rolls often have additional special signs on the reels!

Other Traits

But bonuses aren’t limited to just the classic set. In fact, developers regularly invent new and original special features in order to amaze their players! For example, a huge number of wilds will spawn if you reach a specific symbol, or maybe a built-in minigame will be activated – who knows?

Cascading Reels

These special reels will clear your lucky combinations after you hit them – and give place for other symbols to fall down, resulting in a potential streak of wins. Such cascades can be incredibly profitable sometimes, as whole groups of different wilds often accompany them.

Bonus Symbols in Online Pokies

Random Prize

Random prizes come in all shapes and sizes – the perfect way for you to test your luck. Sometimes they may result in wild symbols or extra spins, others may just bring you a certain amount of cash. In any case, it’s always great to catch something like that. After all, what can possibly be more pleasant than a random surprise win?

Online Pokies Features

Bonus Rounds

Bonus rounds may differ greatly from one game to another. In some cases, they’re the same as free spins, while in other ones they may trigger a whole different event – like video slots on an additional screen, for example. Such approach improves the diversity of player-platform interaction, keeping your games as fresh and exciting as they should be.

Risky Game

All or nothing, double or nihil – that’s the principle. Sometimes after a lucky spin players may be offered to play a little game that may either drastically increase their win or reduce it to zero. Let’s say, there can be a random card and you will need to guess its color to get a double prize. And, while this may sound like a fair bet, always keep in mind that a wrong guess might easily cancel all your previous success, so choose wisely!